US-International Taxation of Individuals

The rules that govern US taxation of individuals are among the most composite one. International income, assets, or transactions add a further layer of complexity to tax reporting and withholding obligations.

Our Certified Public Accountants and IRS Enrolled Agents relieve your income tax compliance burden through a combination of made to order tax return preparation services and more than ten years of experience in US-International taxation.

Our income tax services are designed to meet the unique tax filing and reporting requirements of fellow American taxpayers, Green Card and Nonimmigrant visa holders with income, assets, and investments that cross national borders.

We offer a range of tax return preparation, consultancy, and compliance services, in two broad categories - US resident and nonresident taxation. We strategically focus on

Expats and US Citizens Residing Abroad

US Citizens and Residents with International Income or Investments

Green Card and US Immigrants

Students, Teachers, Trainees, and Exchange Visitors on J, F, M or Q visa

US Employment Visas - E, H and L Visa Holders

Artists, Athletes, and Professionals on O and P visa

International Investors in US Real Property, Commercial Activities, and US Companies

Independent Contractors and Self-Employment Taxes

FATCA, FBAR, and Tax Compliance Services

Should you wish to register for our individual tax services, you may do so at any time. Did not find what you were looking for? Ask your questions and get a free quote with more information about how we can assist you further. You may also contact us directly.