Planning & Consultancy

International Tax Planning

The income tax return preparation concentrates predominantly on past transactions and events. At the time the tax return is being prepared, taxpayers have few options to alleviate income tax exposure. On the contrary, a timely conducted tax planning empowers individuals and businesses to predict, analyze and assess the income tax consequences of a future transaction or event.

The taxtake's income tax planning experts, aim to add value and support your growth through on-time decision-making. We believe the income tax planning always comes first as a powerful tool that enables you to apply the most tax preferable option and reduce your income tax liability in the long-run.

Tax Planning Areas of Focus

We strive to relieve your income tax obligations through a combination of of client-oriented tax return preparation, income tax planning, and wealth preservation efforts. To do so, we rely on more than ten years of experience in income tax return preparation, tax planning, and related consultancy services for businesses and individuals with cross-border transactions. We focus our efforts on

  • Maximizing tax benefits through selection, analysis, and restructuring of personal and business transactions
  • Analysis of a variety of domestic and foreign business structures and selection of the most tax beneficial entity
  • Long-term tax aspects and considerations of significant life events
  • Assistance with the tax treatment of income derived from Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC), Holding Companies, Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC), and foreign trusts
  • Maximization of above-the-line deductions and application of various tax credits
  • International and domestic tax planning on Foreign Tax Credit, R&D Credit, and other business credits
  • Acceleration or postponement of deductions for cash-basis taxpayers, depending on current and expected future income levels
  • Assistance with Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classifications
  • Advising partners and LLC members on the tax treatment of build-in gain or loss contributions and distributions
  • Structuring of charitable contributions to ensure tax deductibility requirements are met
  • Retirement tax planning in international environment, including considerations for domestic and foreign pension, insurance and Social Security Benefits
  • Tax planning strategies for Dual-Status individuals and immigrant visa holders with significant foreign assets
  • Assessment for discharge of indebtedness in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings

International Tax Consultancy Services

To maximize your benefits we combine income tax planning with concurrent international tax consultancy on a transactional, individual or business-wide level. We specialize in tax, accounting, and business consultancy services directed to

  • US entities with foreign operations
  • Foreign entities with trade or business activities in the USA
  • International stock market and U.S. real property investors
  • Application of tax treaty agreements to a particular transaction
  • FATCA & FBAR compliance
  • International tax advisory and structuring of business transactions in multinational environment
  • Strategies to minimize world-wide income tax exposure
  • Transfer-pricing & business restructuring

Should you wish to register for our tax planning and consultancy services, you may do so at any time. Did not find what you were looking for? Ask your questions and get a free quote with more information about how we can assist you further. You may also contact us directly.