Our Fees

Our Value-Added Pricing Model

We understand that our Clients are different, and have diversified needs. Some do basic bookkeeping and enjoy compiling records at home while others prefer to roll over all the paperwork to a CPA or licensed tax practitioner. Some Clients want an affordable and streamlined tax return preparation experience, while others need more than just a tax return preparer. They look for a trusted advisor, tax and retirement planning specialist, or a skillful international accountant. To match the needs of our clients, we are committed to charging a fee that is heavily dependent on the additional value we create for our Clients. Our value-added pricing model also helps us keep our basic tax return and consultancy fees below the average for the industry.

Tax Preparation Fees & Pricing of Selected Services

Professional Fee
1040 or 1040X
Expat tax return basic fee
Basic fee
Schedule C or F
$150.00 + value-added fee
Per schedule
Schedule E (Part I)
$100.00 + value-added fee
Per property
1120 or 1120-F
$550.00 - $750.00
Basic fee
Form 5471
$450-$1000.00 Per form
Form 5472
Per form
Form 1065
Basic fee
Tax Consultancy
Per hour

Did not find what you were looking for? A complete list of our international tax professional fees is available for download.