Code of Conduct


"Integrity, Accountability, Compliance, and Commitment" are the guiding principles we must follow in our personal life and our profession. Moral principles, personal virtues, values, and norms bind the conduct of practice of accountants, tax practitioners, and financial consultants. The commitments we take and the decisions we make must always be based on these principles, and we must strive to uphold the best business practices and the highest ethical standards. Our standards of practice not only protect society but also place the profession on a pedestal among the most ethical ones.

What are Taxtake's core principles?

  • Integrity - Taxtake's reputation is built upon our ability to inspire and create value for our Clients. We must be honest, credible, and trustworthy as it is our obligation to protect and enhance the trust of our Clients.
  • Accountability - we are accountable for our business activities, and we are all willfully responsible for the well-being of our Clients, employees, affiliates, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Compliance - we obey the law, and we believe the ethical and moral standards are the core of our profession. We set our standards high, and we conform to those standards consistently and ubiquitously.
  • Commitment - we know that accords must be kept, and the long-term commitments define us as a company. In return, the loyalty to our Clients makes us stronger, more focused, and competitive.

Who should follow and obey the Code of Conduct?

We believe the same principles apply to all, from employees to management and executives. Therefore, all Taxtake employees, including management and executives, should be familiar with the Code and must accept it. Though the Code of Conduct is part of Taxtake's internal policy, we expect all external stakeholders, including but not limited to contractors, vendors, suppliers, and temporary staff to share our vision in good faith and to act in the spirit of the Code.